How To become An Overnight Guru In Any Niche Even If You Have Never Heard About It Until Today!

How To become An Overnight Guru In Any Niche Even If You Have Never Heard About It Until Today!

How To become An Overnight Guru In Any Niche Even If You Have Never Heard About It Until Today!

How To become An Overnight Guru In Any Niche Even If You Have NeverHeard About It Until Today!

Nothing is worse than being in the wrong niche or feeling trapped. Too many people think that you can only market or sell to a niche they have previous experience in.


I have been mentoring and selling coaching to people who have never even stepped foot in the online realm and watched them dominate niches they had never previously even heard of. They did this quick by these steps I am about to explain.

Today, and only today, I am going to breakdown how to become an overnight expert into any field you want to explore.

The reason this is important is that you never want to put all of your eggs into one basket because some niches die out.

For example, one of my first successful companies was in the product placement niche. I thought I was in the best market ever, but I started hearing stories about people getting retainers of $20,000+ a month and this was never the case in my niche.

Once I started doing my due diligence, I realized that way better niches existed and that I could make WAY more money in those blue oceans. For the newbies reading this letter, a BLUE OCEAN is an untapped market of people ready to throw money at you.

So here are my top strategies for becoming the go to guy or girl in any field.

The first thing you want to do is find a niche that you are interested in. Listen, if you can’t be interested in a niche, it doesn’t matter how much it pays out, you will be miserable!

Find at least 3 niches you can become passionate about, because you are about to start deeply diving in.

The first thing I do when I find a new niche that I like is research the hell out of it.

Here are the some of the steps I explore!

  • I look for Facebook groups in the niche
  • I look for magazines on the niche
  • I look at what the top competitors are offering
  • I call service providers in the niche
  • I call friends or associates that have recently purchased in the niche.
  • I even buy books off Amazon on the niche
  • I sign up to E-news letters
  • I Google search images
  • Use hashtags on social media sites and check Pinterest
  • I do pretty much everything I can and then I look for pain points and start figuring out the nitty gritty.

I figure out the niches ideal customer and why he or she buys from the niche. I get in the mind of the service provider selling the services for the niche and figure out exactly what they want and want to hear. Doing this will make it easier for me to sell them.

Let me give you an example of how great this tactic works.

The top marketer in the world for doctors became so obsessed with his niche that he went and bought a doctors office clinic so he could virtually live like a doctor and understand every pain point and need they had.

No, I am not telling you that you need to go and spend thousands to buy a restaurant or something ridiculous like that, but you need to get in the mind of who you are selling… so call around.

Once you know how the service provider in the niche ticks, it’s now time to understand the PERFECT CUSTOMER.

Why do they buy is the first question you should ask, and as I explained above, calling around to friends and associates who recently bought the service might be the best way of figuring this out!

You can even pretend to be interested in the service and call the provider. Ask all the questions you are curious about and once you have it all figured out, now it’s time to PITCH THE NICHE.

The best way to pitch the niche is through cold email believe it or not, if you’re on a budget. If you have deep pockets and are rolling around in Rolls Royces, then obviously a lead form ad on Facebook is gonna be another great approach.

I have personally made hundreds of thousands through cold email. I always use a 1 word subject line that grabs the reader. I call this a trigger word. Think about one word in the niche that

makes the service provider squirm. It needs to be something to reflects back to money. Examples from my niche DistributionProduct Placement etc.

Once I figure out my winning headline, then I get on to the next piece of the success puzzle.

The body..

I keep the email body super short with a 1–3 line pitch where I keep it brief as hell to build curiosity in the clients mind.

If they see your entire deck of cards up front from a long typed out email, they will lose interest. Give them a quick taste of what you’ve got.

I usually say something like “Can you handle another ____ of ______?”

The first blank represents a realistic number of customers they can handle while the second blank represents the ideal customer we just did all the research on.

Lots of marketers skip these two steps. Think about it…

Would you rather get a cold email stating that they have leads or one stating that they have your dream customer?

It’s a no brainer….
Once you state what you have, then invite them

to a phone call… but we won’t get into that in this letter. We will save that for next months issue.

I can’t wait to see what niches you come up with and I am excited that you now can go out and find your blue ocean to play in!

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