How Bad Do You Want Success? By Gallant Dill

How Bad Do You Want Success? By Gallant Dill

How Bad Do You Want Success? By Gallant Dill

Are you ready for it?

Do you have what it takes to truly make it?

Can you handle putting everything on the line to follow your dreams?

Are you ready for some of the people closest to you to turn their backs?

Will your body be able to make it through constant set backs and let downs?

Every time you see me post a success post, what you don’t realize is that I went through hell and back to be able to post that status.

At night, I am haunted by the grief and the disappointments from failed investments or struggles I went through.

Nothing came easy…

And it is just as hard hanging on to your success as it is acquiring it.

The distractions and investments, the temptations.

Some days you feel like everything is just a game and you are stuck in the middle of it.

If you truly want to be “SUCCESSFUL” you have to be willing to give it your very all.

No, not 20% or 60%!

I’m talking 110%!!!

🛑You can’t feel sorry for yourself

🛑You can’t quit when you land back on zero

🛑Expect sleepless nights and super long days

🛑Be ready for your circle to get way smaller

This status isn’t written for the people who have ones they can call on for money or people with an unreal amount of privilege.

This is for the ones like myself who fight everyday to make their dreams a reality!

If you want it all, you’ve got to give it your all.

I can tell you that your success does exist in the near future if you refuse to quit and you stay at it!

Never give up and I will see you at the top!