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How Gallant Dill Made It As a Millionaire Consultant After Dropping Out of High School

You always hear about these rags to riches stories, so I thought it would be unique to share one of my own. No it's not on myself, but it's the story of a young inspiring entrepreneur by the name of Gallant Dill.

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How To Protect Your Brand From Angry Customers In The Reputation Economy

Dill has been working diligently to prove to Google that his new web assets are more relevant than the negative information out there. Those positives have risen higher and higher and helped to push down the anonymous complaints. Read More

The Secret to Making Facebook Ads Work for Your Business

While there are plenty of great ad copy books out there -- Hypnotic Writing, Tested Advertising Methods, Breakthrough Copywriting my - favorite is the PSO System by Gallant Dill. He breaks ad copy down to these three points: pain, solution and offer.

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The Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 Creating Life on Their Own Terms

Gallant Dill has the drive and carries himself with such confidence that it is hard to believe he is only 24. Gallant started creating businesses at 17, by quickly identifying needs and reverse engineering on how to fill them

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Gallant Dill Launches Accelerator for Small Businesses

Austin Entrepreneur is Launching a private seminar for small businesses on June 29. Gallant Dill, founder of Gallant Dill Mentoring, will be teaching some of his most sought-after business secrets to help owners scale their current operations. Read More

Gallant Dill's Tips on How to Fight a PR Crisis

You always hear about these rags to riches stories so I thought it would be unique to share one of my own. No it's not on myself, but it's the story of a young inspiring entrepreneur by the name of Gallant Dill.

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Gallant Dill's 4 secrets to quitting your day job and starting a home based business

I have started over a dozen businesses and worked with some of the most influential and successful people on the globe. The 4 most important are these

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6 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Having a solid, trusted brand is important for your company to thrive. If your target audience doesn't know or trust your brand, how will you ever increase your customer base and sales? Here are six innovative strategies you can use to increase brand awareness. Read More

The Gallant Dill Story: From Broke High School Dropout to Multi-Millionaire Consultant

I recently sat down with an inspiring entrepreneur by the name of Gallant Dill. A man that came from broken beginnings who then catapulted himself to the penthouse suite. Literally.

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“I was following Gallant on social media…”

I was following Gallant on social media for 2 years before I took any if his courses. I wanted to work with him the year before, but someone tried to tank his online reputation and I wasn't sure what to believe... Peoples true colors always come out in the wash!! This past summer I trusted my gut and flew to Austin to meet Gallant in person for a weekend mastermind course. READ MORE

Rebecca Kallaus , United States

“Fast turnaround investment”

I just finished Gallant Dills new book and it is super exclusive to people who go to his masterminds that cost 1,000s and it is everything I have paid big money for in courses AND then some!! It's not a shortcut to work but it is an insanely needed shortcut to the learning curve and weeding out the practices that are just fluff but are usually included in business as usual and the practices that are necessary and actually bring in the $$$.

Criss Sayre Jrs

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