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Who is Gallant Dill?

Gallant is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been starting and scaling businesses since he was 17. Gallant Dill is a true self-made entrepreneur who rose from the bottom. From a troubled past to a bright future. He is what some say is the American dream. Gallant has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe and has placed products into almost every retail chain in the country. Before turning 25, he had been featured in 30 under 30 three times.


“Gallant has single handedly changed my life.”

His coaching, unlike most, relies on systems that actually work. His no fluff, straight to the point teachings are full of gold, a completely lack any of the waste of time nonsense that most other 'internet gurus' have got so famous on. By following his teachings I have multiplied my income, bought a new car, a new home, and moved cross country, and this is all thanks to the drive of Gallant and his priceless trainings. What I find most important however is Gallant's devotion to his students. He never dwells on success. He constantly pushes to learn more, practice more, and always look forward to ensure him and his students are always on the top of their game.
Mike Petritis
CEO | Eliix.Marketing

“It’s an understatement to say that Gallant is a great mentor.”

He’s so much more than that… First and foremost, Gallant is one of the most effective mindset coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! If your mindset isn’t calibrated, you’ll never achieve success. Gallant sets up his students to excel because he gets their minds right first…the mark of a truly great mentor.

He’s also a brilliant strategist. He can see the hidden passions and interests of his students, sometimes even before they can. He then provides them with the tools and support to succeed in that respect. What’s really nice about Gallant is that he knows he can’t be the only mentor for his students, but he gives them everything they need to really take off, becoming a great friend in the process.

Thank you Gallant, you’ve changed my life!
Sohail Chatur

“My business increased to 58.2k within 3 months!”

Gallant Quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. After applying what his insights I changed in my “what I already thought was successful business” business has increase my business 58.2k within 3 months! As a result of his friendship, I have taken actions that maximize my income generating streams for multiple of my businesses. You would be a fool NOT to do whatever you can to have a conversation with this man.

He is a real treasure. Thank you for time and insight Gallant.
Travis Linares

Marketing Agency

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Gallant has an unmatched presence when up on stage or leading an event. His energy is life changing and his material is highly sought after. Gallant is booked out most of the year and rarely does speaking gigs outside of his own events. If you are interested in having Gallant keynote or crush any seminar, please reach out at least 90 days before the event.