My thoughts on MONEY and SUCCESS. By Gallant Dill

My thoughts on MONEY and SUCCESS. By Gallant Dill

My thoughts on MONEY and SUCCESS. By Gallant Dill

At times, I thought success was only about hard cold cash….

To me, it’s not..

If you think my goal is to make millions working all day, then you don’t know me at all.

I even preach to my students I’d rather make $40,000 a month for myself and have low stress than to make $100,000 a month and have 100 new clients.

I have experienced both…

Right now, my goals aren’t to scale anything that requires my full presence.

Money doesn’t excite me and I can’t force myself to work on stuff I don’t wanna do anymore.

I’m in a position to where I can do whatever I want.

All my money I have made this year has gone into current investments.

Behind the scenes, I am building a software automation that I will get thousands of users to.

My new one will revolutionize how agencies conduct business online.

My goals are to create and enjoy my life. I am no longer chasing a dollar.

My higher purpose is to help others out and be known for lives I’ve impacted, not the money I make.

I know plenty of assholes with lots of money.

I don’t wanna be like them and don’t wanna be compared to them.

When I die and look my creator in the face, I want whoever that is to be proud and know that I contributed to the world and didn’t take.

The material posts from my end will no longer exist.

No, I’m not “broke.”

I am on the clear path with God now and in
reality, I am richer than I have ever been both mentally and spiritually.

I used some of my possessions to pull people in!

Now people will stay cause of the real value I provide.

If you read this status all the way here, I wanna ask you a question.

What is your life purpose? What do you wanna be remembered for?

Time is ticking away and tomorrow is not promised.

Don’t lose track of what really matters!

Figure it out!