The Reason Most Entrepreneurs Are Broke By Gallant Dill

The Reason Most Entrepreneurs Are Broke By Gallant Dill

The Reason Most Entrepreneurs Are Broke By Gallant Dill

What I am about to say will offend some people, but it needs to be said!

This is something I have learned over the last 9 years and working with thousands of different entrepreneurs.

The reason why you aren’t making money is because the services you sell SUCK!

Before you get all mad, hear me out. I have sold services that suck in the past when I was first starting out. You don’t just wake up an expert. I am guilty! What I mean by “suck” by the way is a service that your clients aren’t happy about.

Not being happy doesn’t mean they wanted a refund, not being happy can mean you never heard back from them again. When you sell services people actually want or enjoy, they tell their friends and come back. It is that simple!

If 50% of your customers don’t come back, that’s not a good sign and you aren’t doing enough.

Listen, today I am going to give you some FREE million dollar advice on how to stick your customers so you don’t have to suck!

Step 1…

First thing you wanna do is truly know who your customers are. You can’t sell a service well if you don’t know who the true interested buyer is. Do your research and figure out your perfect ideal customer.

Step 2…

Come up with your irresistible offer! Create an offer no-one would dare turn down! Stack up services and products, people love bundles. Run great specials and get customers talking.

Step 3…

Create a USP. A USP is a unique selling proposition. This is what makes you unique. If you wanna stick out in todays crowded market place, you have to be different. You don’t have to be way different, you just have to have some notable things. Here is an example… Wendy’s fast food spots don’t have the best burgers, but they are easily recognizable by the way the patty is shaped like a square. Stuff like this sticks out in the consumers mind and makes it easy for your brand to be remembered.

I could go on for days about scaling and growing your business, but I want you to truly understand that businesses don’t fail. It is the people that fail either in operations or understanding of the marketplace. I see it every single day.

Don’t get sucked into thinking you can’t improve and you are trapped.

Stay on top of your market and continue learning and trying new things and you should be just fine!

I will see you at the top! -GD