The TWO Transformational Steps I took to go from $20,000 to $100,000 a month as an entrepreneur By Gallant Dill

The TWO Transformational Steps I took to go from $20,000 to $100,000 a month as an entrepreneur By Gallant Dill

The TWO Transformational Steps I took to go from $20,000 to $100,000 a month as an entrepreneur By Gallant Dill

This information can and will change your life if you apply it.

These are the steps I took to go from being a 6-figure entrepreneur to becoming a 7-figure entrepreneur.

Please listen up and take notes if you have to.

For years, I was stuck at the $10,000-$20,000 a month income as a freelancer/consultant.

I could not figure out how to scale up to save my life. I would raise my prices or add a new service and nothing seemed to work. I was at a complete loss for growing and don’t get me wrong, that is still good money, but not enough to truly live that lifestyle I had always dreamed about. I am sure some of you will roll your eyes at this statement and I am sure some of you who are in this position now will agree.

A couple years ago, I decided to go on a learning binge where I stopped focusing on making money and started focusing on new skillsets and new information. I did this for at least 6 months. During that 6 months, I not only grew as a person, but I also learned everything I needed to know in order to reach those new levels of success. From that period in time till now, I became a lifelong student to knowledge.

Even now with income goals of a million a month, I still spend between $1,000-$5,000 a week on mentors and new information/trainings.

So, STEP 1 for changing your life is to open your mind and realize you know NOTHING! The old saying goes is that the smartest man in the world knows he knows nothing and the dumbest thinks he knows everything. Don’t be afraid to invest back into yourself! You will never lose the information and skillsets you acquire! Becoming the Swiss army knife in your industry will open up more opportunities in your future! I personally spend most of the day acquiring new information. All my sports cars don’t even play music, they only play mindset and business MP3’s. So just remember, the more you learn, the more you earn!

This brings me to my next transformational step!

You cannot, and I repeat, cannot pass this one up! It is crucial!

The next step I needed in order to become a millionaire was having a BULLETPROOF MINDSET.

Along your path to success, lots of bad things are gonna happen that will make you want to throw in the towel or slow down. You can’t! I have endured great pain along the way to the top that would throw me off the path of success for months. You can’t let ANYTHING slow you down! You have to remain strong and positive at all times if you want to succeed and to succeed fast! I swear to God that almost every single day some negative stuff is thrown my way. I have learned to ignore it and stay focused on my goals and winning. Get away from anyone who contributes to the drama of your life and only get around people who are positive and inspire you if you want to keep the mindset going.

Success isn’t an impossible thing! Get out and learn as much as possible while maintaining a healthy and positive mindset, and we will probably be neighbors soon!

I look forward to meeting you one day and know you’ve got what it takes.

I will see you at the top! -Gallant Dill

P.S. Staying in on the weekends are another major key that helped me level up 10x faster!