The 5 Things You Will Need To Become A Self-Made Millionaire By Gallant Dill

You have to read this, it can change your life!

I am sure you have seen stuff similar online written by a blogger who makes $50,000 a year, but I am going to tell you the stuff you ACTUALLY need to break over $100,000 a month. This is coming from someone who makes over $100,000 a month, most months. Even I have some slow times of the year, but if I needed to ramp it up, I could hit any number I want from knowing these key factors I am about to share.

So listen up…

The first thing to becoming a filthy stinking rich millionaire is to have a LARGE NETWORK. I have opportunities pouring in everyday since lots of people know my name! Ever hear the old saying “your network is your net worth?” Well, it’s true! The more people who know your name, the more you will win at the game! What if I told you that we are all one phone call away from being a millionaire? Would you believe me? Listen, this is a fact! You have just been calling the wrong people and selling the wrong service. I have been on many million dollar calls with people. I also have been on plenty of broke a** calls with people that never amounted to a turtle sh*t.

So, start adding people on all your social media accounts and start networking EVERYWHERE right now!


If you want to truly be successful, you have to have SKILLSETS! I love having many different marketing skillsets, so I am never limited to certain type of work. I have started dozens of businesses and always have different opportunities speeding in like a red Ferrari.

Skillset examples-

  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • PPC

Remember, the more you have to offer, the more valuable you will become! I try learning new things every single day, and later on in this article I will elaborate a little more on this topic. So, don’t ever limit yourself to one thing. Make sure you are the swiss army knife and not the butter knife!

This next secret is extremely important!

You will have to have DRIVE! Dude, you could have all the skillsets in the world and know everyone, but without drive it won’t even make a difference. I am driven almost 24/7 to get out of bed and crush goals! You can’t have a lazy bone in your body if you want to be successful, unless you are a super genius like the ones you read in comic books, which I doubt. Drive is what keeps you going when you feel like giving up. People ask me why I have so many exotic sports cars and my excuse is so I can stay driven. To be honest… I have never said that before until today LOL. Just remember, success doesn’t mix with laziness!

Okay, okay… We are down to our last two, so I need to spice it up a bit!

The success key to the fortress of riches is….. KNOWLEDGE!

The more you learn, the more you earn! I used to HATE READING with a passion, but I could never break past $100,000 a year before reading. I kept seeing ultra successful billioniares like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett talk about reading all day, so I said I would give it a shot. It was honestly the best investment I ever made. I now spend 3–6 hours a day listening to audio books or reading. I have a rolodex of online training courses I watch religiously as well. I watch don’t tv, I watch trainings. I don’t listen to music, I listen to books on business and skillsets as often as possible. Like right now, this weekend I was invited out on the lake. Instead, I am practicing my writing here in this article while listening to trainings on copywriting. If you have ADD or ADHD like me, start small! I don’t expect you to be able to pick up a book for 6 hours. When I first started out, I would read for 5 minutes at a time and work my way up. It took months to be able to read for hours on end. So don’t get discouraged. If my high school drop out self can do it, so can you. So invest into yourself and never stop growing/learning. The dumbest man in the world thinks he knows everything and the smartest man thinks he knows nothing.

Last gold nugget of the day is….

Being able to NOT GIVE A F***.

I am being serious! On your road to riches, people are going to try to tear you down! Friends and family will doubt you! You will lose money! You will have to learn to ignore everyone and stay focused. Anything and everything will go wrong, but you can’t quit. Just know with every failure, you are one step closer to the top. By the way, “failure” isn’t even a real thing. I call failures expensive learning lessons. Nothing more than lessons that make you stronger. Everyone I knew doubted my first businesses and even talked about me behind my back. I didn’t listen. I have been attacked too many times online to even care these days. So, have thick skin and don’t worry about what other people are saying about you. No one can say sh*t at family reunions when I pull up in my McLaren. I have never once seen my haters at the bank or at the Rolls Royce dealership.

Anyways, this article is drawing to a closing and I hope you enjoyed reading. I wish someone would have told me these gold nuggets ten years ago when I was first starting out.

P.S. I write all of my own material and would never hire someone to write for me. To speak with me directly, go to

The Brutally Honest DARK Side Of Success Nobody Wants To Talk About By Gallant Dill

Being an entrepreneur is a very risky, yet rewarding path to go down.

Online, you see the fruits of so many successful entrepreneurs labor but rarely hear the horror stories most of them had to endure to get to where we are at. They also don’t speak about the negative sides of success and money.

Right now, that changes.

I am going to talk about my fears and some of the negative things success has brought me so you can hear the truth on success and possibly not make the same mistakes I have.

First things first, I am not a negative person nor am I trying to scare you out of success. Having success is one of the greatest feelings one can have and I highly recommend that you go and get some.


Success comes with a hefty price and I am not talking about the one I pay to the IRS every quarter. I am talking about the toll it takes on you.

When people know you have money, you are the first to be called upon for damn near anything. Every stinking day another “go fund me” account pops up in my texts or messages with another terrible sob story. I hate waking up and reading about a kid with cancer who needs my money to stay alive. In the last 7 days, on 3 separate occasions this has been the situation. Two of which I paid and by the third I realized I would have given more money out than I made in the last two weeks and it probably wasn’t a wise decision.

The next problem is being a target for extortion.

In the last 12 months, I have been extorted both legally and illegally on multiple occasions. One was a greedy lawyer looking for anything and everything to sue me for. They ended up finding something and I settled before the lawsuit came to be. I would have won, but it would have cost me too much emotional stress to fight this battle and I didn’t have the time. The next was FAKE review sites targeting my businesses. Hackers would reach out and demand payment or send never ending negative clout towards myself and my companies. These guys did a pretty damn good job too. If you are successful and lots of people are starting to hear about it, then you better learn SEO or have a good reputation management company on stand-by, because I can guarantee they will come for you too. At this point of my career, I talk with more attorneys than I do with clients.

Then, came the JEALOUSY. Once I made it, I noticed lots of my friends stopped talking to me and weren’t happy to see me win… this included family. You would think everyone close would be proud of you, but I was completely wrong. On most occasions, it was the complete opposite. The people closest to me acted like strangers for the most part until they need something. I was recently at a restaurant where I saw a childhood friend and even reached out to shake his hand, and he kept walking like he had never even seen me before. So, be prepared to cut people off and out of your life when the cheddar starts rolling in.

Now, let’s talk about “safety.” It sucks having to sleep next to loaded guns because I have become a hot target. I have more cameras in and outside of my house than most video production studios have in general. I am only the one to blame for this. It’s not everyday you see a McLaren riding around where I live. To be quite honest, I don’t even drive it that much. I got it to shut up the haters. To prove that I had officially arrived at the door of success. Here in the US of A most people, or at least the uneducated ones judge your success based off the size of your house or the car you drive… which in my mind is stupid. I fell into this trap and moved into a house that for the most part never gets used. I mean, someone could be living upstairs in one of the rooms and I wouldn’t even know because I rarely go upstairs anymore. What I am trying to tell you is that I put my life at risk to show off to a bunch of people I don’t even like. I am one of the few people who is honest enough to admit that driving a faster car truly doesn’t do anything for me, and I could have easily spent the money on a smarter investment.

Once you start making a lot of money, you start upgrading your lifestyle. Lots of people reading this are probaly batting an eye saying to themselves “Oh that would never be me…” Listen, never say never! When I was broke, I would make fun of people at Louis Vuitton for buying purses that costs thousands of dollars. Once I started making money, all of my accessories and shoes are from Louis Vuitton now. I am the guy I used to talk shit on. Isn’t that funny? My cost of living has became astronomically high and I am not even that much more happier. I recently saw one of my bank statements where I spent more money in 30 days than I had made in one of my previous years. Luckily for myself, I take accountability and put myself on a budget to be better with my funds. Don’t be me! Save your money, but still enjoy your life! You don’t need 10 pairs of $1,000 shoes that don’t even fit right just so you can show off to your Instagram following. Hey, at least I am not thatttt bad. 😉

Another thing you will come across once everyone knows you “made it” is that they will expect you to pay. I will go out to eat with like 10 people and once the check comes everyone looks at me like I am the ATM for the night. This is now one of the many reasons I only hang around successful people.

Listen, my goal for tonight wasn’t to scare you out success, but just to talk about a few things you will want to look out for once you start crushing it. I am a straight shooter and wanted to give you some raw truth!

I hope you found some good insight and wish you nothing but the best!

Yours Truly,

Gallant Dill aka “Cousin G”

P.S. Success F*CKING rocks!

Things To Look For When Finding The Right Business Partner

These tips can save your business and your sanity.

My biggest mistakes and regrets in life were teaming up with the wrong people and surrounding myself around talkers and not doers for so long.

If your friends aren’t winning and motivated, then you need a new circle FAST.

The first few businesses I started, I lost due to bad partnerships and lousy decision making.

My partners were the “wantrepreneurs.” They had no money and they talked a big game on topics they knew nothing about. I always fell for it since I didn’t have mentors and didn’t read much.
Things to look for when trying to team up with someone after 9 years of learning from my own mistakes.

Pull out your pen and paper and take notes, because this information is priceless and can save you millions.


Strong Track Record– This meaning they have real previous success or experience. They might have worked a job in the field you are needing help on. This could even be where they started or sold a company in the same demographic you are jumping into. By them having a strong track record, you will be able to pivot to the next level a lot quicker and learn through them versus learning through your own guesses and mistakes. I love seasoned business partners who can help lead the way.

They Have To Have Money– Doing business with broke people isn’t the smartest decision, because they are obviously not the most financially inclined partners to have. When money starts pouring in, broke people are more prone to switching up. This meaning, they start changing and most of the time not for the better. People get greedy when they have never seen any real coin prior. I have experienced this first hand and have also seen them get lazy and more content once they started making a certain number. You don’t need to be baby sitting a partner once funds start rolling in. If you have a business partner who is constantly wanting a cut immediately after business has been conducted, RUN. The business needs to be ran on what’s best for the business and not on the lining of your pockets right out the gate.

Team Up With People Who Are Well Connected– You ever hear the old saying “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” Well, it’s true! If you want to soar to the top, make sure your new partners are well connected. Your network is EVERYTHING in business. My partners now KNOW EVERYONE. This makes it extremely easy to raise money or land new clients based on referrals. I have seen plenty of businesses with great ideas fail strictly on them not having the right connections. This should never be you! Think about the show Shark Tank. Some people come on the show not even needing the money. They are strictly on the show to land a shark specifically for the sharks connections. Don’t forget your network is your net worth.

Emotional Intelligence Or No Deal– Listen, if your business partners are quick to pop off or lose their cool, you are in for a long ride and not a good one. I had a partner one time who used to cry every time she got stressed and could never think clearly under pressure. It was like working with a 2 year old. NEVER team up with hot heads and people willing to throw it all away over respect or pride. These people are stupid. SUCCESS has no feelings or emotions. I keep a pokerface 24/7. People that I can’t stand think we are best friends and I want to keep it that way. Be everyones friend or at least associate. This is a small planet and you don’t want to be black balled in certain areas over small petty relationships. Be cool with everyone.

They NEED To Be Driven– If you have to constantly motivate your partner, you won’t get very far. The motivation needs to be a team effort. My partners motivate and inspire me daily to keep leveling up. My partners will straight up say to my face if I’m being lazy at times. Many nights we stay up talking millions and goals till the sun comes up and the wive’s get pissed for not coming to bed. I could NEVER do business with someone who isn’t driven and wanting the most out of life.

Positive Vibes Only– This might be the most important tip of them all. If your partner isn’t a positive person, run as fast as you can to the hills! Positivity is the biggest key to success. The work place has no room for negative vibes. Poor attitudes can completely wipe out an entire business. Make sure the person you partner up with spreads great energy and stays away from all drama and negative clout. I love working with happy people who are grateful and thankful. I could never work with rude and entitled individuals who can’t listen without getting offended or emotional. People who carry bad attitudes are a horrible look for you as well and can damage your reputation.

Remember to smile!

Make sure to remember everything I told you in this article. It is very important and can save you years of headache. I only speak the truth and don’t want you teaming up with the wrong people. I could talk on this subject for days. If you are ever in need of a business coach or mentor, feel to reach out to me at or I appreciate you taking out the time to hear me out and look forward to one day getting to work with you.

I will see you at the top!

Gallant Dill

The Secret To Obtaining Everything I am going to let you in on a little secret. One that changed my life. PLEASE read this fully.

Want to know how I stay motivated and kept pushing even when everything seems to be against me?

Want to know how I tricked my mind and acquired all of my wants?

Here you go my friend…

Back when I was broke, I would go online, look up and gaze religiously at everything I have ever wanted.

I would inspire myself into tears.

Beautiful Mansions and Fancy High-rises.

I would imagine the smell and waking up in these places.

The respect people would show me. My life being completely different.

The pictures I would take here. The parties I would throw!

I would dream about it and be obsessed.

I had dreams of wearing Rolex’s almost every night.

I even stopped wearing watches or driving until I was wearing and driving what I wanted.

I would pretty much trick my mind into thinking that I was already in these places and that I was just taking a break.

An extended vacation you might say.

Even when I didn’t have 2 pennies to rub together, I told my mind I was successful and that a week from now everything would be better and that any call coming in could be my ticket to the top.

Everyday I told myself ”Gallant, this is the day you make it!”

When the calls never came in, I would tell myself I must have been too busy and missed the call.

Tomorrow will be the day.

Even after losing my first big business, I didn’t give up on the visions.

Ask anyone who knows me… I stare at the things I want for hours every single day.

I still look up mansions 3–5 times a day and in July I will be moving to one.

Not to rent, but to buy!

I have never been so close to acquiring one!

The big house I am living in now was my old vision. That I made a reality.

The watches, the cars, and even my dog all the way down to the shoes I wear at one time was on the back of my computer screen being stared at by a broke dreamer.

Every time shit got tough, I would think about all of these amazing things that I had wanted and how it easily outweighed all the negative things in my life and that I needed to get back to focusing!

I never let go of my dreams!

Slowly, the ramen noodles turned into filets.

The Target shirts turned into Nieman Marcus attire.

They used to laugh when I would pull up my car.

Now, people run to take pictures and point.

Some days, life feels like a familiar dream because I saw myself here years ago.

I used to imagine riding through The Domain in the nastiest car in sight and having everyone break their neck when they’d hear the engine roar!

When people asked me how it feels to acquire these things, my response is “about damn time!”

I wasn’t working this hard for anything less.

I am obsessed about constantly leveling up.

You truly haven’t seen anything out of my corner.

I feel like I have barely scratched the surface.

The information I am constantly swallowing up and the people I am surrounded with make it easy to level up.

Level up your knowledge. Keep improving. Keep understanding.

Every level of your life will require a different version of you.

If you haven’t leveled up in a while, it’s because you aren’t ready.

Don’t be scared of change.

You control the direction of your life and everything is possible.

Tonight or tomorrow, spend a good hour staring at the things you want. When you feel like giving up, just imagine that hour of visuals and keep going. You might catch yourself staring at the things you want 3 times a day like therapy, but that’s completely fine!

I still do it!

How To become An Overnight Guru In Any Niche Even If You Have Never Heard About It Until Today!

How To become An Overnight Guru In Any Niche Even If You Have NeverHeard About It Until Today!

Nothing is worse than being in the wrong niche or feeling trapped. Too many people think that you can only market or sell to a niche they have previous experience in.


I have been mentoring and selling coaching to people who have never even stepped foot in the online realm and watched them dominate niches they had never previously even heard of. They did this quick by these steps I am about to explain.

Today, and only today, I am going to breakdown how to become an overnight expert into any field you want to explore.

The reason this is important is that you never want to put all of your eggs into one basket because some niches die out.

For example, one of my first successful companies was in the product placement niche. I thought I was in the best market ever, but I started hearing stories about people getting retainers of $20,000+ a month and this was never the case in my niche.

Once I started doing my due diligence, I realized that way better niches existed and that I could make WAY more money in those blue oceans. For the newbies reading this letter, a BLUE OCEAN is an untapped market of people ready to throw money at you.

So here are my top strategies for becoming the go to guy or girl in any field.

The first thing you want to do is find a niche that you are interested in. Listen, if you can’t be interested in a niche, it doesn’t matter how much it pays out, you will be miserable!

Find at least 3 niches you can become passionate about, because you are about to start deeply diving in.

The first thing I do when I find a new niche that I like is research the hell out of it.

Here are the some of the steps I explore!

  • I look for Facebook groups in the niche
  • I look for magazines on the niche
  • I look at what the top competitors are offering
  • I call service providers in the niche
  • I call friends or associates that have recently purchased in the niche.
  • I even buy books off Amazon on the niche
  • I sign up to E-news letters
  • I Google search images
  • Use hashtags on social media sites and check Pinterest
  • I do pretty much everything I can and then I look for pain points and start figuring out the nitty gritty.

I figure out the niches ideal customer and why he or she buys from the niche. I get in the mind of the service provider selling the services for the niche and figure out exactly what they want and want to hear. Doing this will make it easier for me to sell them.

Let me give you an example of how great this tactic works.

The top marketer in the world for doctors became so obsessed with his niche that he went and bought a doctors office clinic so he could virtually live like a doctor and understand every pain point and need they had.

No, I am not telling you that you need to go and spend thousands to buy a restaurant or something ridiculous like that, but you need to get in the mind of who you are selling… so call around.

Once you know how the service provider in the niche ticks, it’s now time to understand the PERFECT CUSTOMER.

Why do they buy is the first question you should ask, and as I explained above, calling around to friends and associates who recently bought the service might be the best way of figuring this out!

You can even pretend to be interested in the service and call the provider. Ask all the questions you are curious about and once you have it all figured out, now it’s time to PITCH THE NICHE.

The best way to pitch the niche is through cold email believe it or not, if you’re on a budget. If you have deep pockets and are rolling around in Rolls Royces, then obviously a lead form ad on Facebook is gonna be another great approach.

I have personally made hundreds of thousands through cold email. I always use a 1 word subject line that grabs the reader. I call this a trigger word. Think about one word in the niche that

makes the service provider squirm. It needs to be something to reflects back to money. Examples from my niche DistributionProduct Placement etc.

Once I figure out my winning headline, then I get on to the next piece of the success puzzle.

The body..

I keep the email body super short with a 1–3 line pitch where I keep it brief as hell to build curiosity in the clients mind.

If they see your entire deck of cards up front from a long typed out email, they will lose interest. Give them a quick taste of what you’ve got.

I usually say something like “Can you handle another ____ of ______?”

The first blank represents a realistic number of customers they can handle while the second blank represents the ideal customer we just did all the research on.

Lots of marketers skip these two steps. Think about it…

Would you rather get a cold email stating that they have leads or one stating that they have your dream customer?

It’s a no brainer….
Once you state what you have, then invite them

to a phone call… but we won’t get into that in this letter. We will save that for next months issue.

I can’t wait to see what niches you come up with and I am excited that you now can go out and find your blue ocean to play in!

From more info on Gallant Dill or for personal coaching visit GallantDill or